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High Quality Offset Printing Machines

Heidelberg SM 102V

Year 1990


4 Colour

Sr no 530xxx

Cpc CP Tronic

Alcohol dampening

Imported from Japan

Komori L 426

4 Colour

Year 1990


Komorimatic dampening

Imported from UK

Adast Dominant 755 C

5 Colour



Water Dampening

High Pile Delivery

Imported from Europe

Adast Domiant 745 C

Year 2000


4 Colour

Alcohol Dampening

Adast Dominant 755 P

5 Colour

Year 1994

High Pile Delivery

Water dampening

Imported from Canada

Adast Dominant 725 CV

2 Colour

Year 2000


Alcohol Adamatic Dampening

High Pile Delivery

Imported from Europe

Max size 485x660 mm


Segmented Inking Fountains

Powder spray equipment Grafix Basic Junior

Quick Action Plate Change

Two Systems Feeder Head

Batch counter with preselector
Remote controll from touch screen side delivery
Compressor Becker
Excellent condition

Komori Lithrone 628 LX

Year 1997

Komorimatic Dampening System

PQC Console

Tower Coater

Extended Delivery

SAPC Automatic Plate Changers

Pierry IR Dryer

ESS Powder Spray

Auto Blanket washers, Auto Roller Washers, Royce Refrigeration/Recirculation

Continuous Feed and Delivery

Plate Punch and Bender, 161 mm impressions, Many extra new rollers, Tools and manuals

Shinohara 75

4 Colour

Year 2006

52 x 75

Console SPC (Shinohara Press Control)

SPC Shinohara (Semi-Automatic Plate Change)

Automatic Washers: Blanket Cylinders & Inking Rollers

Shinohara Alcohol Dampening

Baldwin Refrigeration System

Suction Tape Feeder

Double Sheet & Side lay Detector

Chromed Impression Cylinders

Semi-High Pile delivery

Powder Sprays

Machine with Standard Compressors

Ryobi 525

5 Colour

Year 1998

15  x 20


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